Future Cleaning Services a uAttend customer

Clean and simple – that’s how they like it at Future Cleaning Services

Future Cleaning Services is part of the Future Group which specialise in facilities management, contract cleaning and support services for both public and private sector clients.

Headquartered in York, this £10 million turnover business operates across the UK offering a range of services from commercial contract cleaning to gritting and snow clearing, including a fleet of lorries for road sweeping – a wide portfolio indeed!

Keith Busfield is IT Support Manager at Future Cleaning Services, as you might expect he’s an enthusiastic promoter for using new technology to add value to the business.

“We’ve put uAttend at the centre of on-site staff management, not only to make sure we pay the right wages but to demonstrate to customers how efficiently staff time is spent on their sites.”

“We chose uAttend as it’s really easy to set-up and manage. Because uAttend is cloud-based, it’s low maintenance for me – I don’t have to install or update software which frees up my time for other projects like the customer portal.”

uAttend is part of a bespoke customer portal that Future has invested in to demonstrate to clients their commitment to high standards and accountability.

Keeping it simple

Currently over 3,000 staff clock in to uAttend every day.

future cleaning facial recognition clocking in

Future Cleaning Services has 88 uAttend facial recognition clocking in machines installed on customer sites. Each terminal has a mobile dongle which sends staff clocking data directly to uAttend (it doesn’t touch a client’s network at all).

Using facial recognition terminals ensures that only the staff who should be on-site are, and they stop staff clocking in for each other. It also means they don’t have to carry (lose or forget) swipe cards or fobs – simple.

uAttend’s phone clocking in service is also used extensively as it provides flexibility for staff on dispersed sites working a range of hours. Staff use a phone on a client’s site and dial-in to uAttend on a free 0800 number, they enter a PIN to clock in and out. The phone numbers they can call from are ‘white listed’ which means they can only use designated phones which ensures staff are where they should be to clock in.

On-site supervisors all have tablets so they can access uAttend whenever they need to, not only to check who’s clocked in but also to approve timecards and time-off requests.

Keith comments, “I like to use technology to make things simpler for colleagues and help them deliver that little bit extra for our customers. uAttend (and the customer portal) clearly show how committed we are as a company to offering services delivered to the highest standard.”

And because the uAttend employee management system removes one of Keith’s potential headaches he’s got time to print mounting brackets for the facial recognition clocking in terminals on his 3D printer – Keith you are, as they say, one of our kind of people!

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