Cara FM a uAttend clocking in system customer

Cara Facilities Management – improved efficiency with a new time and attendance system

Cara FM is a family run Commercial Cleaning and Facilities Support business. The company works within the Guildford and London areas and has 100 employees who specialise in many skills including roof maintenance, tile repair, painting, and window and facade cleaning.

With a large workforce traveling to a number of different sites, poor time keeping and absent staff had always been difficult to manage.

Cara hadn’t used a time and attendance system previously but realised that they needed to put something in place. Managing Director Ian Tunstead looked to the internet for a solution and came across uAttend (our cloud-based software system). After a uAttend demo he was happy to proceed.

Implementation of the clocking machines on-site went smoothly and Cara soon felt the benefit of the time and attendance system, less time was spent chasing time sheets and there are fewer arguments with employees over pay and hours worked.

“This time and attendance system was ideal for our business, easy to implement, easy to add to site by site, it has definitely made our company more efficient.”

Cara has supported schools, offices and business by benchmarking their maintenance contracts. Cara and their clients have discovered that there are substantial savings to be made using appropriate new time management technology to change outdated work practices and provide better planned and executed project management.

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