Here’s where you might be losing money with outdated time & attendance systems

It’s understandable that the front-end of a business takes priority, but if you neglect your ‘back-office’ functions, like time & attendance systems, then you might be eating into your profits. Cutting corners on dealing with employee attendance can be counter-productive.

In particular, sectors such as construction, care and cleaning, with staff on varied shifts or who work remotely need to look at the following areas of their business to make sure they are not losing money.

Where you might be losing money:

  1. Recording employee hours – review your ‘clocking-in’ systems. Are you still relying on manual timesheets. Research frequently highlights how thousands of pounds are being lost every year by many UK businesses as a result of inefficient clocking in systems. Businesses should consider more accurate and up-to-date ways for their employees to ‘clock-in’.
  2. Calculating employee hours for payroll – how many stressful hours are spent poring over timecards and spreadsheets to arrive at the monthly payroll? Are you confident your company has time-efficient and accurate systems for processing clocking in data for payroll? If not, payroll mistakes can prove costly.
  3. Inefficiency and risk – companies can lose money by having to spend time maintaining a manual system as well as regularly ordering cards and printer ribbons. Mechanical clocking is also open to time fraud such as ‘buddy clocking’ where employees clock in and out for each other.
  4. Reporting – time spent compiling data manually for payroll and other reports from employee timecards takes time and is prone to error. It’s also time which managers could be spending on more productive tasks.

It’s clear from many studies and customer feedback that manual processes consistently result in errors, lost documents, higher costs and wasted time. Businesses compromising on their systems or using mechanical clocking in methods are potentially leaving themselves vulnerable.

There are new and easily-affordable solutions out there for businesses to consider. For example, a system such as uAttend is ideal for businesses large and small.

uAttend enables employers to manage all of their employee time tracking from one system. From timesheets to holidays and other absence, this information is managed in one simple cloud-based solution.

uAttend not only keeps track of absences, giving managers instant access to valuable data, but this resourceful system also allows employees to ask for time off online and managers to approve / turn-down those requests. The time-saving benefits of this feature will be obvious to hard-pressed managers everywhere.

uAttend is easy to use and low cost, a friendly UK based helpdesk comes as part of the monthly subscription. Saving time and money on your employee time tracking and data processing means you have more time to concentrate on other aspects of growing your business. Automated time & attendance systems mean a boost in both your employees’ and managers’ productivity – that’s good news for your bottom line.

uAttend is part of the Chronologic workforce management portfolio. To find out more about our time and attendance software solutions call 01761 410015 or email