Brighton Implant Clinic – why this thoroughly modern dental clinic chose uAttend

The Brighton Implant Clinic was founded by Dr Bruno Silva in 2009 and now comprises clinics in Brighton, Hove, Hailsham and Worthing. This award-winning group of clinics aims to provide affordable dental implant and other treatments delivered to the highest clinical and hygiene standards supported by excellent customer care.

Other cosmetic dentistry services include veneers, dental crowns, dental bridges and tooth whitening.

Around 75 salaried and hourly paid employees currently use uAttend to clock in across three sites.

Cost-effective and efficient

Bobby Lambkin-Williams, accountant for the group, told us why they were looking for a new clocking in system.

“We decided on a new system after one of the old clocking in machines broke and we realised it would be cheaper to buy in a whole new system rather than repair the old card-based machine and continue to pay for the software support.

“We chose uAttend because the system offered the flexibility and convenience we were looking for from a cloud-based service. It was also much cheaper than our existing solution. The fact that hardware support was also included in the cost was a bonus too.”*

Staff clock in using uAttend biometric fingerprint readers. When staff are initially enrolled on the system their fingerprints are encoded and stored, (the fingerprints themselves aren’t stored so there are no privacy issues). Subsequently when a member of staff clocks in their fingerprint is matched to the stored code.

“The fingerprint readers have been very useful as employees no longer use the excuse of forgetting their swipe cards and employees seem to forget to clock in and out much less now.”

Timesheets under control

Some staff work across different locations so the ability to manage and combine timesheets across these staff and sites was another reason uAttend was selected.

“Being able to track and manage timesheets centrally from one system has already saved us a lot of admin time as well as the ability to simply import timesheets directly into QuickBooks.

“The finance team has saved a lot of admin time. They no longer have to manually process timesheet data for each of our employees every month, reducing potential keying errors which means we can spend time on other activities.”

uAttend also gives the central management team a real time picture of staff on-site across the clinics. Any shortfalls in staffing can be quickly sorted out to ensure each clinic continues to deliver the highest levels of service.

Bobby comments, “We can see at a glance how well-staffed each of our clinics is and can easily run reports from within the system to see what’s happening at any time. With the old system we needed to remotely connect to a PC at each location to get hold of the staffing information.”

Sales and support

We asked Bobby what his overall experience with the uAttend team has been.

Sales and support have been very helpful all along the way and always seem to be there when you need them. Sales described the different options available very clearly and I was confident we had the setup we needed from the start.”

Future plans for uAttend

Bobby is keen to explore and exploit more of the smart features and functionality in uAttend.

“At the moment we have three out of five of our clinics set up using the uAttend system and intend to migrate the others over the coming months. Once we have a process in place for managing this we’re looking forward to using the email functionality so that employees can receive and review their timesheets each month and so alert us to any discrepancies well before we run the payroll.”

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* All uAttend clocking in terminals come with a free lifetime repair or replacement warranty. There are no extra software upgrades and updates to pay for either, because uAttend is “in the cloud” you don’t have to worry about updating software on PCs, etc. it’s all done for you.