Enhancing Workplace Efficiency: Exploring the Power of Biometric Clocking

A uAttend biometric facial recognition clocking system offers a cutting-edge time and attendance solution tailored to your business needs. With advanced biometric security features, it effectively eliminates buddy clocking. Its rapid and contactless face recognition technology ensures fast, reliable, and secure attendance tracking, suitable for diverse working environments.

Biometric Clocking Options:

Biometric Facial Recognition Clocking in Machines

DR2500 Facial Recognition with Temp Reader

Fully touch-free voice control, facial scanning and temperature reading…

£329 ex VAT

DR2000 – Touch-Free Facial Recognition

The DR2000 enables your employees to clock via facial recognition…

£289.00 ex VAT

uAttend GSM Connection

uAttend GSM Facial Recognition Connection

On remote sites there can be issues with poor or no internet connection…

£165.00 – £325.00 ex VAT

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