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Biometric Facial Recognition Machines

DR2500 Biometric Facial Recognition with Temperature Reader
DR2500 Biometric Facial Recognition with Temp Reader

Fully touch-free voice control, facial scanning and temperature reading...


£329.00 £279.65 ex VAT

DR2000 Facial Recognition
DR2000 - Touch-Free Facial Recognition

The DR2000 enables your employees to clock via facial recognition...


£289.00 £245.65 ex VAT

uAttend GSM Connection
uAttend GSM connection

On remote sites there can be issues with poor or no internet connection...


£105.00 - £299.00 ex VAT

RFID Proximity Fobs
RFID proximity fobs

These proximity fobs are for use with the CB6000 and...


£34.75 - £319.75 ex VAT

WiFi Adapter
WiFi adapter

This handy WiFi extender and converter enables you to either...


£79.75 ex VAT

RFID Swipe Cards
RFID swipe cards

These RFID swipe cards are for use with the CB6000...


£24.75 - £219.75 ex VAT