Enhancing Workplace Efficiency: With Accurate Attendance Tracking

The uAttend biometric fingerprint clocking system seamlessly integrates with your current wireless and wired LAN infrastructure, providing accurate and detailed time and attendance data. Its advanced biometric features effectively prevent buddy clocking, ensuring employees cannot clock each other in or out, thereby guaranteeing precise attendance tracking.

It boosts efficiency by automating attendance, reducing admin tasks, and minimising errors. The system enhances security with unique biometrics and offers insights for better employee management.

Biometric Fingerprint Clocking in Machine

JR2000 Biometric Fingerprint Machine

Employees can clock via fingerprint, RFID card and PIN all in one unit…

£219 ex VAT

uAttend GSM Connection with Biometric Fingerprint machine

uAttend GSM Fingerprint Connection

On remote sites there can be issues with poor or no internet connection…

£165.00 – £325.00 ex VAT

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