Benefits of flexible work tracking with time and attendance

Flexible work tracking with time and attendance has a host of benefits.

Used together, you can create a working environment that is beneficial for employers and employees alike.

UK Flexible working history:

Since 2014 most UK employees, who have worked for the same employer for at least 26 weeks, have the legal right to request flexible working – not just parents and carers. Employers are obliged to consider the request in a ‘reasonable manner’ (government guidelines). Therefore the potential number of flexible workers is huge.

Flexible working has grown massively in recent times. In 2021, almost 4 million employees in the United Kingdom had employment contracts that allowed for flexible working hours.

Number of employees in flexible working contracts in the United Kingdom in 2nd quarter 2021, by type of contract:

Number of employees in flexible working contracts in the United Kingdom

Benefits of flexible working:

The many benefits of flexible working for staff include better work-life balance and a reduction in rush-hour stress, for employers it can mean improved recruitment and staff retention.

Flexible Working Hours Benefits

Flexible work tracking – via time and attendance software:

How do you effectively track flexible working hours?

Any company which has to track the time worked by its employees will benefit from automated time and attendance software like uAttend.

Our cloud-based system will do away with outdated manual practices. Giving hard-pressed businesses easier ways to track their staff and manage their business hours.

For employees, uAttend ensures they are paid correctly for the hours they work. It also helps them keep track of their working times, breaks, request holidays and more.

uAttend time and attendance benefits:

Scale up or down – Our flexible time and attendance system can handle any number of employees and locations, from a few to thousands. You can scale up or down as the business changes. This flexibility means no extra charges over long periods.

Have access anytime, anywhere – investing in a cloud-based time and attendance system means that managers can easily access employee data from anywhere with an internet-enabled PC or device.

You may want to authorise timesheets, check on hours worked or approve a holiday request. The data is held in the cloud rather than on office PCs, giving you the ultimate flexibility to work from different locations or ‘on the go’.

Choose your clocking in method – unlike some cloud-based time and attendance systems, uAttend offers a range of clocking in options.

You can choose from clocking-in terminals using RFID or biometric, phone and smartphone clocking-in, or employees can clock in remotely via a PC or other device. Businesses can also choose a combination of options to best suit their different employees and locations.

Accommodates a range of payroll software – once staff have clocked-in, the time and attendance system takes their timesheet data and exports payroll reports to your chosen payroll package including Sage, Paychex and QuickBooks.

Good time and attendance systems will manage multiple pay periods (weekly, fortnightly, and monthly). No more worrying about complicated calculations and remembering payroll deadlines.

Allows you to review the data – responsive time and attendance systems can deal with a variety of complex data with ease and then aggregate it.

This means that you or your authorised colleagues can view, manage and run reports via your online account. The time saved with uAttend means you can concentrate on the bigger picture for your business.


However your employees work, tracking their flexible working hours will help you keep on top of your payroll. As well as ensure that employees are fulfilling their contracted hours.

Whether you have mobile, remote staff or variable patterns of working, uAttend is a flexible T&A system designed to meet your needs.

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