The benefits of biometric time tracking

It may seem futuristic but the use of biometric time tracking is increasing across the globe. From airport security, to library passes, to school lunch payments, biometric technology is increasingly being used for everyday purposes.

Biometric tracking uses a person’s unique characteristics – such as a fingerprint, hand, facial or iris recognition – rather than the traditional punch or RFID cards. Biometric readers can be used for access control while at the same time recording the time and date of access. Their usefulness in time clocking employees seems obvious. More advanced time and attendance systems now offer biometric time clocks to forward-looking businesses who want to keep track of their employees. The unique biometrics of an employee can be used as an easy, reliable and safe way for them to clock in and out of work.

The many benefits of biometric time tracking include:

  • Easy installation and use – once the employee’s unique feature has been scanned and coded they can quickly be shown how to use the biometric system to clock in and out. The systems are secure and personal data is not recorded, the system encodes the face, hand or fingerprint not the face or fingerprint itself. No more lost cards or fobs messing up the records and needing to be replaced
  • Prevention of time theft – biometric time clocking means that employees cannot clock in and out for each other or misreport on breaks. Known as ‘buddy-clocking’ or ‘buddy-punching’, the unique features of biometric tracking mean that time theft will no longer be costing your business
  • Increases accuracy and ease of payroll – biometric time and attendance systems can automatically generate timesheets for employees which can be sent to your Payroll team. This means an accurate and effortless payroll each and every time. It saves businesses the time and headache of poring over other types of time data.
  • Perfect for multi-site, flexible working businesses – businesses which operate on multiple sites and employ workers on shift, flexible or part-time working find the advantages of biometric tracking especially useful.
  • Gives you valuable data – the collected time and attendance data can be invaluable for analysis that can inform future business decisions.
  • Useful management tool – many time and attendance systems which use biometric tracking are cloud-based – this means they can be implemented more easily than on-premise systems and also that they can be accessed by managers and staff alike via a web interface. These systems are also scalable so can grow as and when your business needs change. The accuracy of biometric time clocking also gives supervisors real-time data about staff on-site – useful for any emergency procedures and spotting an unplanned absences.

Increasing numbers of firms in sectors such as construction, hospitality, retail and cleaning are taking advantage of biometric solutions to make their business more efficient, a vital factor in today’s economy.