The digits add up for Avon & Wessex Motor Factors

Avon & Wessex is a long-established family business based in Midsomer Norton, Somerset. Open to trade and retail customers the 25-strong team specialise in camping, caravan and automotive products.

The company uses the uAttend system to streamline its payroll preparation, having replaced its previous manual system which proved, according to Managing Director Kevin Chard, “time consuming and unreliable.” Nineteen staff now clock in using the system

“Managing staff hours has, until now, been a huge challenge.” Kevin explains. “With part-time and flexible staff, illness, absence and swops, even the best-prepared working rota is quickly outdated in our business and trying to manage staff hours was hugely frustrating. We wanted to be methodical and thorough but it was near impossible to find a manual system to help us keep on top of changes to hours and ensure everyone was paid correctly“.

uAttend at Avon and Wessex

“If we could have designed a system, uAttend would be it! It is perfect for our team. We have fingerprint recognition which is easy to use with no need for a PIN or card. Our employees from 17 to 70 are blown away by the technology but from the start the system was so simple to set-up and manage.”

Kevin says that the uAttend system has already more than paid for itself. Staff clock in and out on time, saving valuable minutes each day and Kevin and his fellow directors don’t have to be on-site to see what’s going in – they can simply log in to their online uAttend account and take a look to see who’s in. With immediate access to how many hours each employee has worked, which pay rate each employee is on and reports at manager’s fingertips, Kevin says he would never go back to a manual system.

“uAttend is saving us time and money as we now don’t pay for time that hasn’t been worked and can access reports instantly. We also have the satisfaction that the job is being done properly.”

uAttend – it’s a must!

Avon and Wessex didn’t even know that uAttend existed and believed that effective time and management systems were exclusive to large organisations with large budgets, before seeking advice from uAttend. “When uAttend suggested fingerprint recognition we assumed it would be expensive, but it wasn’t.” Kevin says. “The company is a pleasure to deal with – far from being a faceless organisation there is always someone to offer friendly support. uAttend allows you to send a message when help is needed – and we have always had a near instant response”.

“uAttend has transformed the organisation of our busy team. There are no grey areas and our team works the hours we pay them for with uAttend managing the staff hours. My only question now is why hasn’t everyone got uAttend? It’s a must!”

Watch the video to find out why Avon & Wessex wouldn’t swap uAttend for their old system…

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