Avoid Micro-Management with Time and Attendance software

Avoid Micro-Management with Time and Attendance software

In today’s tough business climate, we understand that staffing may have been scaled back. Costly wages such as extra admin staff or people not directly related to your production/service line are always the first to go.

But how does this directly impact your business? By turning your management into micromanagers.

The issue and answer

Without dedicated admin or HR staff, managers need to pick up day to day affairs of a business, such as payroll, holiday, absence and more.

While of course it’s always good for management to be aware of what’s going on – being too involved can actually stop workers from seeing the big picture, as they are too bogged down with the small stuff.

If this sounds all too familiar, we recommend looking at Time and Attendance software such as uAttend.

uAttend offers a cloud-based time and attendance solution, meaning you can be sure your data is available 24/7 in real-time. There’s no tech investment or installation, just log in and enjoy!

By using a T&A system, it will free your managers from day-to-day tasks such as collating timesheets, adding overtime rules, inputting holiday requests and scheduling shifts.

Extra savings

uAttend will also help save your managers money, as well as time, as the system is designed to automatically add payroll data based on employee hours clocked, as well as your applied pay rules.

No more unauthorised overtime for early employees, and no more human errors with payroll calculations. The data is all there, ready for management to check before exporting to your payroll software.

Devote more time to growing your business and less time micro-managing it.

uAttend by Chronologic offers cloud-based time and attendance software starting at just £17.99 per month.

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