Attendance systems cost vs efficiencies

Attendance Systems Cost vs Efficiencies – What can you save?

Time and Attendance systems are a great way to track employees’ clocked time, but they can do much more!

There are never enough hours in the day, days in the week, or weeks in the month. Corners get cut to shorten the time things take and, in the end, things get missed or de-prioritised.

Which does your business value more, saving time or saving money? What if I told you our uAttend Time and Attendance system could do both?

Manual Timesheets

Paper is expensive and unreliable, so why are you still using them? When using a Time and Attendance system like uAttend, all of your clocking data is stored and collated into one place. You don’t need to chase employees for their timesheets or check with supervisors to sign off handwritten times.

By no longer asking your staff to manually upload the times to a spreadsheet or calculate the hours themselves, your business will free up so much time to allow your Payroll Team to focus on more of the work that usually gets left behind.

Payroll Errors

Payroll errors occur in many businesses due to incorrect timesheets or clerical errors when processing times manually. Many time and Attendance systems offer functionality to import reports directly into your payroll software.

The uAttend Time and Attendance system can help your business with this, as it allows for direct import into multiple pay systems such as Sage and Quickbooks. Helping to eliminate errors with the payroll data due to the reduction of manual calculations and input – You will know your exact outgoings each payday, so highlighting any clocking issues will be simple.

Want to know more?

Still don’t believe that uAttend can save you BOTH time and money? Contact us on 01761 410015 to book your free, no-obligation online demonstration.

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