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Attendance Management: How to keep track of remote and hybrid workers

We all know that attendance management is a key part of any reliable time and attendance system. Tracking your employees’ hours is the essential part of this puzzle. A good time and attendance system will also help when it comes to absence management, of course: if you know which employees aren’t at work, the next step is to find out why not. For workers clocking in using a wall-mounted clocking machine, it’s very easy to know who is in and who’s missing, where they clocked in and how long they worked. But what about keeping track of remote and hybrid workers or employees who travel around as part of their job?

You may have a business model that allows and even encourages remote and hybrid working – in today’s post-pandemic world, these have become the norm for many companies. That doesn’t mean, however, that your business can afford to get complacent when it comes to tracking these employees’ hours – no-one wants to be haemorrhaging money on hours that haven’t actually been worked.

Many sectors employ staff working at several different locations; we perhaps most commonly think of construction workers or cleaners moving from site to site, but there are event organisers, journalists, and even catering staff who frequently find themselves working at different venues, often within the same day. When clocking in via a machine simply isn’t viable, there is a practical alternative that means you never need to miss out on a single piece of clocking data: the uAttend clocking-in app.

Free as part of any uAttend account, by allowing your chosen staff members to clock in using the smartphone clocking-in app, you can rest assured that all of your “field” workers, your remote and hybrid staff, or employees on the road, have no excuses to not clock in and out just like any other employee. The flexibility of our cloud-based time and attendance system means that their clocking information will be uploaded to your cloud account, where you can access it in real time. A quick look at your dashboard will tell you straight away who’s clocked in, and who hasn’t. This is also a much cheaper alternative to installing physical clocking machines in multiple locations – especially if it’s only likely to be a temporary project with a finite deadline, after which the machine would no longer be needed. There’s also the added simplicity of not having to configure or install a machine.

Along with their exact time of clock in and out, the app also records the location – only at the moment of clocking, however – it does not track their phone any other time (so pleased be assured that there are no privacy issues for you or your workers to be concerned about).

What’s more, if you want or need to, you can actually set up a ringfence around a specific site or location, which would mean that if your employee tried to clock in from further away than say half a mile (you can modify this distance), they wouldn’t be able to. In other words, if you have someone you think may be at home when they say they’re on the road, you’ll know about it.

There are many more benefits to using uAttend, but if you have a number of remote workers and/or have been wondering how to improve your attendance management in general, this is definitely a solution that has been proven to work, time and time again.

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