Agency work from home

Top-tips for agency work from home.

Keep projects flowing, and clients happy, during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Whether you’re client-side, work in collaboration from your desk, or home-based; the lockdown is creating a range of problems for agencies of all size.

Agency work from home can seem like an impossible task, but with the right tools, tracking your work for clients can be a piece of cake.

Four tools you need to successfully work from home:

Hour tracking:

Knowing when your employees log in and how long they work each day is vital when giving updates to clients. This data should be accurate, available in real-time and viewable via departments, individuals or company wide.

Ideally – you need a tool that allows your employees to log in and out for breaks, and shows you WHERE they are logging in. It might seem a bit drastic but being able to see where employees are can put managers minds at ease.

Job tracking

For agencies, being able to see how long employees are spending on a project is the number one rule. Whether you work from an agreed scope, or charge by the hour, logging that data in a transparent manner needs to be done. You need to continue to show your clients what you’re doing.

Lots of agency workers multitask across several accounts and projects throughout a day. So having a tool that enables your employees to be able to quickly and accurately switch between jobs makes sense.


If you’ve not furloughed your employees, you know, there are always things to do. A new process can be written up, client management, responding to queries, internal marketing and more.

A scheduling tool will help you:
*Layout what you want to be done each week
*Allocate who you want to do it and when

Cost centre reporting

So, you’ve got your employee data, project tracking and have scheduled everyone to be at their most efficient – what’s the point if you can’t see it’s working with reports.

Say you have a client who has a set scope, but your workers are spending more than the agreed money per month in time. Whether you’re in a lockdown or not, cost centre management makes business sense.

Top tip – make sure to find a tool that allows you to see cost centre reporting on departments, individuals and projects.

If you agree with all the above and want a system that can help with it all – check out uAttend.

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