Addressing Employee Burnout with Time and Attendance

Addressing Employee Burnout with Time and Attendance

Employee burnout is a growing concern for businesses across the UK, as increasing numbers of people report feeling overwhelmed, fatigued, and stressed (all common symptoms of burnout).This is also having a huge impact on the economy and the world of work in general. The Office of National Statistics (ONS) has reported that 185,600,000 sick days were taken in 2022, and WorkNest has estimated that 51% of those days were taken due to stress and anxiety.2 By introducing a robust time and attendance system to your workplace, you can help prevent burnout and put support in place when and where it is most needed.

Preventing Burnout: Utilising Real-Time Insights

uAttend’s comprehensive time and attendance system can give you real-time insights into where your team is, who is taking a lot of overtime, who has not taken enough holiday, and any unplanned absences. This detailed data allows you to manage your employees effectively and spot anyone who may be at a greater risk of burnout or experiencing burnout, which may be noticed through sudden habitual lateness or increased absenteeism. It allows you to address any concerns you may have early on and provide support promptly. Preventing any further escalation of burnout-related challenges.

Enhancing Workplace Culture

Time and attendance systems can also help foster a healthy work environment conducive to productivity and well-being. By providing more autonomy and flexibility. This instils a sense of trust, cultivating a positive workplace culture where employees feel valued and respected. Moreover, the accessibility of time cards, schedules and holiday booking within the uAttend system enhances employee satisfaction and work-life balance. Safeguarding against burnout and contributing to the overall success of the business by promoting employee engagement and retention.

Implementing a time and attendance system in your workplace truly goes beyond just saving you time and money. It allows for real change within your business and helps to prevent serious problems from arising. uAttend’s flexible and insightful system cultivates a positive workplace culture and provides you with information, allowing you to put the best support in place for employees at risk of experiencing burnout. Ultimately, this leads to a happier team and overall business success.

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