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Swipe Cards, Fobs & Racks

WiFi Adapter
WiFi adapter

This handy WiFi extender and converter enables you to either...

£79.75 ex VAT

RFID Proximity Fob
RFID proximity fob

These proximity fobs are for use with the CB6000 and...

£34.75 - £319.75 ex VAT

RFID Swipe Card Racks
RFID swipe card racks

This robust, but light plastic swipe card rack is easy...

£29.00 ex VAT

RFID Swipe Cards
RFID swipe cards

These RFID swipe cards are for use with the CB6000...

£24.75 - £219.75 ex VAT

Ethernet Cable
Ethernet cable

All uAttend clocking in terminals are supplied with a 2...

£4.75 - £29.75 ex VAT