Optimising Workplace Efficiency: Leveraging RFID Cards and Fobs with Proximity Machines

Elevate your time management system with our innovative RFID cards and fobs, seamlessly compatible with our RFID proximity machines. Integrated effortlessly into your existing wireless and wired LAN infrastructure, our solution delivers precise time and attendance data with unparalleled accuracy and detail.

WiFi Adaptor

WiFi Adapter

This handy WiFi extender and converter enables you to either…

£79.75 ex VAT


RFID Proximity Fob

RFID fobs simplify time tracking, saving time and…

£34.75 – £319.75 ex VAT

RFID Swipe Cards

RFID Swipe Cards

Swipe cards streamline time tracking, enhancing accuracy…

£24.75 – £219.75 ex VAT

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