About uAttend by Chronologic

About uAttend by Chronologic

Who Are We?

As a market-leading time and attendance software, uAttend has been making life easier for businesses around the world since 2010, providing reliable, accurate and affordable cloud-based attendance management solutions.

We offer a comprehensive array of time and attendance clocking solutions, which include RFID proximity systems and advanced biometric options featuring fingerprint and facial recognition technology.

During this time, uAttend has undergone a series of updates and upgrades to meet changing demands in the way we work and to ensure that businesses of all shapes and sizes can become increasingly more productive and efficient.

uAttend, a vital component of the Chronologic Ltd portfolio of workforce management and time and attendance software solutions, plays a pivotal role in our operations. With over 20 years of expertise, we have cultivated a loyal clientele and established a robust reputation. As a testament to our capabilities, we manage more than 80,000 uAttend clocking’s daily, showcasing our ability to not only comprehend our customers’ requirements accurately but also to deliver software solutions that align seamlessly with their organisational needs. Equally significant, we remain committed to furnishing comprehensive support and guidance throughout the implementation and continued utilisation of our systems.

Our entire team is based in our headquarters near Bath, Somerset, from where we deliver all of our training and support.

About uAttend by Chronologic's time and attendance solutions
Trusting in uAttend

Why can you Trust uAttend?

We know that every new customer is investing not only in one of our systems, but also in us; our implementation, training skills and our ongoing support. Each one is at the beginning of a critical change to the way they work, a change that will affect almost every employee in their business. This is not something we take lightly. We also understand that, before taking that step, potential customers also like to know more about who we are, and rightly so.

Our client retention rate is another clear reflection on not only the services we offer, but how we operate as a company. When clients come to us, they stay. This is a reflection not only of the quality and functionality of the products we offer, but also of the customer service we provide. Others may sell similar software, but our clients know what we are here for them, to solve whatever issues may arise. They know they can always reach our support team, and will find a helpful, friendly voice at the end of the phone.

There are endless reasons why companies benefit from the products we sell. Most clients would say that the money the save is one of if not the most important, but there are myriad other reasons as well, the most important of which is often peace of mind.

As any of our clients will attest to, we still believe in the principle of a company’s word meaning something, and have proven, time and again, that we can be trusted.

We Do

No-one knows your company and its needs more than you. Certainly not us. So, in order to help you as best we can, we listen carefully when you tell us what you need, or what issues you are having. By paying close attention, we often identify additional needs that you may not even be aware that you have and then offer a solution, whether your main concern is absence and attendance management, scheduling, payroll calculations or data reporting.

We Don’t

*Cold call. Ever.
We see no point whatsoever in randomly calling businesses. It’s a fruitless, time-consuming strategy that tends to make companies rather unpopular, and is something we have never done. All of our enquiries are incoming, and we then respond to specific questions with tailor-made solutions.

You’ll receive exactly what you expected to from us, and probably a bit more on top. The investigative process we go through before you sign up for any of our products means that by the time you start using our software, we are 100% confident that your expectations will be met, if not succeeded.

*Hard sell.
A member of our friendly team will schedule a chat, and explain what our products can offer your company, depending on your unique needs. If you want to sign up, great! If you don’t feel it’s right for you, absolutely no worries. This is business, and just as we do what’s best for ours, we know you will make the choices you feel are best for yours.

Our clients know they can always reach out to a member of our support team, and will find a helpful, friendly voice at the end of the phone, to resolve whatever issues may arise. Because our clients deserve – and receive – our very best efforts. All of our training, support and distribution is carried out from our Somerset HQ by our lovely team who are always happy to help in any way they can.

At uAttend, we are here to solve your problems, rather than create them.

*Overpromise or lie.
We may not always tell you what you want to hear – sometimes the truth is that, unfortunately, the product just cannot do what you want or need it to. And, if that’s the case, we will never tell you it can.

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