uAttend and Chronologic

The uAttend Employee Management System is exclusive to Chronologic Ltd in the UK. We provide UK helpdesk and accounts support for our UK customers.

uAttend was launched in the US in 2010. When we saw the system for the first time we recognised immediately that a cloud-based clocking in solution would give organisations far more flexibility and functionality than traditional time clocks and at an affordable price. We launched uAttend in the UK market in 2011.

uAttend is part of the Workwell Technologies portfolio (formerly Processing Point Connected Workplace). Headquartered in the US, Workwell Technologies make it their business to bring big business cloud-based functionality to enable businesses of all shapes and sizes to be more productive and efficient.

uAttend doesn’t stand still, there are regular updates and upgrades to ensure the service continues to deliver big functionality through an easy-to-use interface. The updates are all done for you in the cloud – no IT skills required.

Thousands of businesses in the US, UK and Australia now use uAttend not only to ensure accurate real time data for payroll but also for efficient resource management (and more engaged employees).


uAttend is part of the Chronologic Ltd portfolio of workforce management and time and attendance solutions.

Chronologic Ltd was founded in 1999 as Access-to-Time Ltd. Since then we have re-branded as Chronologic to reflect the changing nature of the time and attendance market which innovative cloud-based services like uAttend are driving.

I would without hesitation recommend uAttend to any other company wishing to make a move to a time and attendance system without investing huge amounts of money. Read more

Susan Attew

Finance Director
Watkiss Automation Sales