9-5 payroll made easy

9-5 payroll made easy

A huge benefit of signing-up to the uAttend time and attendance system, is allowing your payroll data to be automatically accrued.

With uAttend, every time your employee clocks, they will fill their timesheet. This timesheet displays employee in and out times, any breaks, and overtime.

If you add the employee pay rate, it can also display exactly how much their labour has cost you daily, weekly or monthly.

Best of all, the timesheet and hours the employee works are updated automatically to fit your rules (rules include pay rates, overtime rates, break deduction, etc.).

By enabling uAttend to take care of your rules, and enabling employees to fill their timesheets by clocking, you have everything you need for a quick and accurate payroll.

The employee payroll data is exportable in CSV or payroll specific formats. If you wish to directly export your employee payroll data to a dedicated payroll bureau, such as QuickBooks, Sage, SurePayroll or more, you can for a price of £5 per month (per organisation, not employee or export!)

The days of spending hours accruing and checking payroll data are gone. You can quickly and simply send timesheets to employees, managers or HR for sign-off and edits can be made at any stage.

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