Remote working with uAttend

Time clocking and remote working work hand in hand

Every successful company with remote workers needs to know when their employees are working and for how long. This most basic of all business needs is even more challenging when employees are remote workers or ‘in the field’. While for some ‘out of sight’ may mean ‘out of mind’, smart employers know this is not an area they can afford to ignore.

It is inevitable that the savviest employers will turn to the digital world for a solution. If you’re planning to improve your employee monitoring systems then choosing an automated time clocking system should be the top of your list.

4 top reasons why time clocking and remote working work hand in hand

It’s more efficient

Firms with a high number of remote workers often struggle with manual, outdated and cumbersome systems for monitoring time and attendance. A particular burden for sectors such as construction, cleaning and retail, it poses even greater challenges for smaller firms. The efforts involved can be greater when you employ part-time, night shift or weekend workers where the number of working hours and pay is different for each and every employee.

In the modern world there is an obvious solution to the nightmare of having muddled records on who’s in and who’s not, how to respond to holiday requests, and guessing the size of your payroll. Having an automated system for the collection and processing of time and attendance data will eliminate human mistakes, save staff time and make sure that everyone gets paid the right amount and on time.

It’s simpler and easy to use

A natural solution for one of the biggest headaches for employers, an employee attendance management system is easy to install and can be up and running in no time. The best systems are cloud-based which mean they won’t clog up your server. A friendly helpdesk offering top-notch support means there are no irritating IT hassles either.

A system with mobile capabilities helps cater for employees working outside of an office environment. It is ideal for sectors with variable patterns of working such as hospitality and construction. Employees can ‘log in’ to ‘clock in’ via a choice of routes such as web or smartphone – there are even biometric fingerprint and facial recognition options as well as swipe card and proximity fob terminal solutions.

It lets you do more

Another reason that computerised Time Clocking and Remote Working work hand in hand is that you can do far more that manual systems allow. For example you can generate data painlessly, taking advantage of the great features and enhanced functionality of this route.

Reviewing your now accurate data you’ll be able easily to identify late starters, early finishers, and frequent absentees. When the Office for National Statistics has reported that, “131 million days were lost due to sickness absences in the UK in 2013” it is natural that cost-conscious firms will want to improve absence monitoring.

As well at attendance monitoring, employers fine-tuning their costs can also monitor and calculate the time spent on different jobs by the same employee – useful for ‘labour returns’ and when sharing information with your clients.

Legal regulation compliance

It can be a sizeable challenge for any employer to ensure that their business complies with all aspects of the huge body of UK employment law regulations. An automated time management system will help you fulfil your employer obligations in areas such as:

– Contracts of employment and working hours
– Health & safety at work
– Payroll & Pensions
– Statutory leave and time off

You can make sure that everyone is getting paid the right amount, taking the correct holiday entitlement and working safe hours. So an automated system benefits not just the employer but employees too, giving them clear expectations about their part in reporting in as well as giving them knowledge about what rewards to expect and when. For managers on the ground, automated attendance systems can be a vital part of demonstrating effective fire evacuation procedures.

Given these many compelling reasons, it’s no surprise that there’s been a huge demand from employers for computerised ways of doing these core tasks for any business.

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