Attendance tracking for construction

5 attendance tracking challenges facing the construction industry

In an industry reliant on its many mobile and remote workers, directly employed and sub-contractors. Just how do you solve the thorny problem of Attendance tracking for construction?

If busy managers in the construction industry had time to stop and think, they would know that paper timesheets just aren’t up to the job. 

Lost paperwork, overpayment and time theft are just a few of the reasons why. But before we work out the solution, we need to know the challenges. 

Top 5 construction attendance challenges

  •  Clocking-in remote staff 

The construction industry is by definition one which operates on multiple sites and often at the same time. 

It can be challenging to track where workers are clocking in from and to eliminate time theft or buddy clocking. 

  • Knowing who’s on-site

For regulations, having a real-time roll call on an active building site is important. Accidents happen, so always know your headcount. 

In the case of a fire, you also need to know which workers are where. 

  • Payroll rates 

So you track employee hours. But now you need to manually calculate pay rates. After all, a bricky is different from a roofer or floor layer.

Keeping track of payroll not only ensures your tradesman are paid on time and accurately. But that you have the true cost of overheads for your profit margins. 

Manually processing all this payroll can be stressful and error-prone.

  • Absences and holiday requests

Construction is one area that has strict deadlines. Especially if you’ve been contracted.

Dealing with individual requests from workers for days off and tracking requests can be daunting especially when operating across different sites. 

You need to be sure that too many people aren’t off at once and that project schedules won’t be disrupted.

  • Compliance

Alongside other industries, construction managers need to be sure their firm is legally compliant. 

The construction industry also has special obligations concerning safety. This means being sure that you fulfil your employer obligations in areas such as:

  • working hours
  • health & safety at work
  • statutory leave and time off

With scattered teams, it can be complex to make sure that everyone is taking the correct holiday entitlement and working safe hours.

The ideal T&A solution for the construction industry

One way of solving the problem of tracking construction industry workers is to go for an automated cloud-based time and attendance solution. 

It’s one simple system that would take care of all your tracking worries – letting you get on with your job.

A time and attendance system such as uAttend is ideally suited to the construction industry. As it provides a cost-effective and flexible automated time tracking solution

It can track your workers, give you a real-time roll call, automatically send timesheet data to payroll and alert you when things are not going to plan.

Managers can view and authorise timesheets online from any location and have a 24/7 view over their workers hours. 

Why choose uAttend for your business?

uAttend is cloud-based which means there’s no software to install. Remote and mobile workers can clock in using a range of options:

To book a demo to see how uAttend can help you, click here.

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