5 reasons to get rid of paper timesheets

Paper timesheets – Top reasons to move on

The use of paper timesheets has been tried and tested over many years.

So why would you want to get rid of paper timesheets? 

Just because things have been around since the 1800s doesn’t mean they are right, or the most effective. 

Technology has evolved so much since the days of quills and ink. So why continue to slave away when you don’t have to. 

Automation and digitalisation are here to stay, and businesses have a heightened interest in getting on the connected train.

By doing so you’ll save money, stop errors and much more. 

We know you need an accurate way of tracking the time worked by your employees. So moving on from antiquated paper systems to automated online timesheets is the best step.


Lost timesheets cost you money

Fiddly pieces of paper get lost. Especially if you have to pass them between employee and manager.

It can be a real problem trying to recreate the data and opens your business to time theft. This all takes up valuable time, money and resources. 

With an automated attendance system like uAttend, your clocking data is directly sent to the system in real-time. So you always have accurate data. 

No more excuses 

Online timesheets in a cloud-based system are always accessible to both employees and managers 24/7. 

Long gone are the days of chasing timesheets on a Friday, or dealing with lazy employees who refuse to correctly fill the sheet. 

If you have workers off-site, no issue! T&A software providers often include a clocking app, which enables workers to track time and breaks wherever they are. 

Say goodbye to illegible timesheets

Hand-completed timesheets can be difficult to decipher. 

This can lead to an inaccurate payroll, costing valuable time to make corrections and all-around frustration. 

Instead – uAttend can help you keep on top of it all:

Bo more ‘missed the payroll deadline’. 

Manual timesheets mean that staff and supervisors often have a last-minute rush to meet the payroll deadline.

With automated clocking, the clocking data is already on the system and timesheets are available to the relevant staff. So wages are paid accurately, on time. 

Many time and attendance systems now integrate with your payroll systems. uAttend works with over 30 payroll providers.

The ‘one-trick’ timesheet – The hidden bigger picture

Modern businesses all need to generate data – for payroll, project costing, and clients and billing purposes. 

These days tracking time is a key element of project management. 

Automated timesheets are an integral part of an intelligent time and attendance system. They mean that you can see your performance at a glance. Much better than poring over records with a calculator.

You can even filter timesheets records by department, individual, date, shifts and more. 

On top of the timesheets, uAttend includes a host of reports that will give you the insight you need to make informed decisions. Reports include absence, holiday, overtime, department hours and more.  

Check out our infographic below:

5 reasons to get rid of paper timesheets

uAttend offers several different ways for staff to clock in from biometric fingerprint machines to a smartphone app

Accurate real-time information is available 24/7 for managers and supervisors.

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