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uAttend Time and Attendance Guide

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What is the uAttend attendance management system?

uAttend by Chronologic offers modern attendance software designed to help your business save time, money and workforce resources.

Access to the system is available via monthly subscription and uAttend is 100% cloud-based, meaning there’s nothing to install or keep updated. It's incredibly easy-to-use and includes:

  • Attendance tracking - via 6 different clocking methods​
  • Automated payroll data - including your overtime and pay rate calculations
  • Employee scheduling - easily plan shifts, roles, employee numbers and more
  • Reporting - know your labour costs, absence and holiday figures​
  • Holiday management - request and approve time-off through the system​
  • Data exports - payroll, reports, timesheets and rotas


Broadways Stampings

“It’s a simple system, gives the reports you want. It’s easy to import into our payroll system. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to set it up!” Read more


“uAttend is quite simple to operate, understand and work with. It’s a good product, does what it says on the tin.” Read more

Stella Maris Care Home

“There had previously been paper timesheets which were not always accurate and were an unreliable method for recording hours. It was also extremely time consuming to go through them. uAttend has reduced the time spent on payroll by over 50%.” Read more

LMOB Electrical Contractors Ltd

"We have been using the uAttend clocking system for more than a year now and the GSM connection has enabled the clocking in terminals to work on sites independently with little or no network connectivity, this means that time worked on-site can always be accurately tracked. Our project managers also know exactly who’s on-site so it’s easy to run a fire roll call should they need to, to ensure staff safety."

Watkiss Automation Sales

Watkiss Automation Sales chose uAttend because,"The manual system always required a high element of trust that the figures entered are accurate, and we have known for a long time that it is human nature to ‘forget’ the 5 or 10 minutes that they were late arriving in the morning, and then claim overtime at the end of the day forgetting the late start."

Mind and Behaviour

“I do not have to worry about the logging of hours and wondering where I put the hours and who has done what, all is in one place and accessible by myself as admin from anywhere. The whole uAttend solution has given me a great deal of confidence and I can clearly see who’s in or out as well as the hours as they mount up.”

Future Cleaning Services

“I like to use technology that makes things simpler for colleagues like the uAttend phone clocking in option, it’s easy for them to clock in and out. We know where they are because the system only recognises designated phones.”   See case study 

Gordena Home Care

“Managing hours used to take several hours a week and was a big headache. Thanks to uAttend we’ve eliminated human error, saved money and managing wages has become stress-free, we simply forward reports to our accounts department.” Read more

Avon & Wessex Motor Factors

“uAttend has transformed the organisation of our busy team. There are no grey areas and our team works the hours we pay them for with uAttend managing the staff hours. My only question now is why hasn’t everyone got uAttend? It’s a must!

First Call Contract Services

Over 1,000 staff use biometric facial recognition terminals to clock in. “We’re constantly looking for ways to streamline and improve our business. Our aim is to deliver outstanding client service. We chose uAttend because it gives us greater visibility of what’s happening with staff on client sites. It’s easy to roll out to new sites and requires little upfront investment in terms of time or money.”

Cara FM

“This time and attendance system was ideal for our business, easy to implement, easy to add to site by site, it has definitely made our company more efficient.”

DPD Local (Bristol)

“Now we can track how many hours are worked in each part of our company, whether the staff are hourly paid or salaried. Now we know exactly where we need to make changes if things are taking too long!”

Watkiss Automation Sales

“I would without hesitation recommend uAttend to any other company wishing to make a move to a time and attendance system without investing huge amounts of money.” Read more

How uAttend works:

Employee clocking data (via phone, app, biometric terminals or the web) is sent instantly to your uAttend cloud account and turned into actionable insight for your managers.​

See immediately who’s clocked in or out, on annual leave or scheduled to work. All data is updated in real-time, and the account can be viewed 24/7.

uAttend offers flexible pay-as-you-go monthly pricing plans with no minimum contract or hidden fees, and we include free unlimited UK helpdesk support, online training, software updates & feature realeases, and a lifetime warranty on all uAttend terminals.

uAttend Time and Attendance System

Clocking in with uAttend

Choose from 6 different ways for staff to clock in to the system. Two popular options are biometric fingerprint clocking and phone app clocking.

Biometric clocking means that employees can't clock in for each other and can be done via Facial Recognition or Fingerprint. We now have facial recognition units that include temperature scanners to help keep your workplace safe.

Phone app clocking is flexible, particularly for remote working or staff on the move. The smartphone app has geolocation tracking which means staff can only clock in where they are supposed to be.

You can use one or any combination of options to clock employees in:

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dpd local

Future Cleaning Time and Attendance System


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