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How uAttend delivers accurate real time clocking data

uAttend is a cloud-based clocking system which means there’s no software to install or keep updated. It's simple to keep track of real time attendance. Clocking data from phones, smartphone apps, biometric clocking in terminals and the web is sent instantly to your uAttend cloud account.

Real time dashboards and reports can be viewed 24/7. MDs, finance teams, HR, operations managers and supervisors can log in and see immediately who’s clocked in or out, sick or on holiday. Timecards can be viewed and edited and the data exported to payroll software or bureau. It's simple, fast, accurate and cost-effective

Scale up or down from a few to thousands of employees and sites clocking in with flexible pay-as-you-go monthly pricing plans.

Any problems and our UK helpdesk is on-hand, all part of your monthly subscription - not extra!

Get in touch today and find out how the uAttend clocking system will work for your business.

Clocking in with uAttend

Choose from 6 different ways for staff to clock in to the system. Two popular options are biometric fingerprint clocking and phone app clocking.

Biometric fingerprint clocking means that employees can't clock in for each other. Phone app clocking is flexible, particularly for remote working or staff on the move. The smartphone app has geolocation tracking which means staff can only clock in where they are supposed to be.

You can use one or any combination of options to clock employees in:

Who uses uAttend?

The combination of clocking options and pricing plans give customers flexibility.

  • Construction uAttend biometric fingerprint clocking with GSM is used on many sites with poor network connectivity. As projects finish the terminals can be moved on to the next site.
  • Care homes simpler and more accurate than spreadsheets and timecards, uAttend makes it easy to track staff working 24/7.
  • Hospitality and leisure companies uAttend offers a quick and cost-effective way to monitor staff attendance.
  • Facilities management for cleaning or other staff working remotely on client sites, uAttend is an efficient way to make sure they are on-site where and when they should be.
  • Manufacturing choose from RFID swipe card or biometric clocking for one or a number of sites. If you employ seasonal staff your pricing plan can be adjusted as staff numbers fluctuate.

Our customers include

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