About the uAttend Time and Attendance Clocking System

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Who we are?

uAttend is a long established and successful employee management system which has made time and attendance simple and smart. We have a passion for delivering the best to our clients and are proud of the excellent customer satisfaction we have delivered over the years. With our smart use of the very latest technologies and by integrating time clocks, smart phone app, web and phone clocking into the system, uAttend has made the implementation of time and attendance software easier than ever before.

What makes us different?

uAttend Testimonial from Avon & Wessex Motor Factors Ltd - Retail

The innovative technology adopted by uAttend has made it stand out in the business market of today. We pride ourselves in delivering the optimal time and attendance management solution to our customers. Unlike a time clock that is linked to a computer and client-based software, uAttend uses cloud computing, which provides flexibility to businesses by enabling the use of time and attendance anytime and anywhere. uAttend time and attendance solutions are preferable over other less flexible systems because our clocking in clocks system is extremely flexible and enables employees to clock in and out for their attendance using different methods such as a time clock, web browser, smart phone app, or by phone.


No matter what the source of the clocking, the clocking data is combined online for easy editing and reconciliation into one account.

The addition of Department Transfer and, more recently, Job Tracking, means that uAttend is ahead of the game again.

Employees can also record the tips they receive and expenses via the new time clocks and online. An updated app will enable this in the near future.


uAttend Lifetime Guarentee

Clocking In and Out

Where to buy a clocking in clocks system?

(Check out the system screen shots below.)

     Proximity using Cards or Fobs                                                  Smart Phone Apps

(ten free cards with each terminal)

          CB1000 Wired Clocking Terminal                        uAttend time and attendance clock                            uAttend App Clocking
                 CB1000 Wired £99                            CB6000 £119 Job Tracking                                        FREE


     Finger Print Terminal                                   Telephone                          Wi-Fi Adaptor

          BN3000 uAttend Terminal                             uAttend - Clocking in Clocks                   uAttend Wi-Fi Adaptor

  BN6000 Job Tracking Wired £169                                      3p per clocking                                  Go Wireless £79

Telephone clocking uses a freephone number so that clients are not charged for the call.


Face Scanning Terminals:

Clocking in Clocks - uAttend UK                          Clocking in System - uAttend

Click for more information on the Face Scanning Terminals - Starting from - £299

MN1000 @ £299 = 100 Employee Capacity, MN2000 @ £319 = 200 Employee Capacity

If you think that a time and attendance system is difficult to implement, think again! If you want to make your employee management easier, you need to buy a clocking in clocks system from a reliable company, fulfilling all your needs within your budget. We at uAttend focus on keeping things simple by enhancing your efficiency with minimum hassle.


Or Your Employees can Clock In and Out on the Web

Employees can log into their account online to clock if you would like them to. They can also put a note against their clocking, choose which department (or site/location) they are working in, add the tips they have received or expenses they have incurred. They can also view their timecard and request an absence like annual leave.

(You can click on images from now and and see full size versions in new windows.)

uAttend clocking in system web clocking screen       employee-absence-request-screen

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What the uAttend system offers?

The uAttend system offers great convenience and satisfaction to its customers by providing the best time and attendance management solutions fulfilling all their organisational needs.

  • The uAttend employee management system needs no software to be installed and provides universal access
  • Its Plug n Play nature makes it fast, easy and inexpensive to use and implement
  • All our uAttend time clocks and systems come with Lifetime Warranty and Lifetime Support
  • uAttend can collate data from multiple sites & remote locations and collect data by many different means.
  • No long contracts, the system is provided on a month-to-month basis

Why Choose Us?

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If you are wondering where to find reliable and efficient time and attendance software, you have surely arrived at the right place. We offer a wide range of employee time tracking systems and devices depending on your needs and budgets. We offer time clocks, finger print terminals, face scanning terminals and many more, from which you can choose the one which best suits your organisational needs. On the other hand, our software system is user-friendly which makes the employee management and tracking easier and smarter without any hassle.

All you have to do is to give us a call on 01761 410015 or fill in our contact form to request a free demo. We are always pleased to help and satisfy our customers.

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App Clocking & Phone Clocking

Check out the details of app and phone clocking on the Phone Clocking Page here.


What Next?

You could just click here and purchase a time clock right now, or sign up here for web and phone clocking.

Or, check out how easy it is to implement a uAttend system here.


Alternatively, see the time and attendance screen shots below or check out someone in your business sector who is already using the system using the links below:


Testimonials/Case Studies

Retail       Construction   Care Home     Franchises     Cleaning     Transport     Manufacturing


Logging Into the Software

Users can login in either as employees, supervisors or administrators. Each role allows different actions to be carried out. You can have View Only users if you would like to. You can log into our demo account using Guest and guest using this url (will open in a new window).



Home Screen

Once you are logged in you can select to have the home screen show you various items of information as required using the onscreen widgets:

clocking in system home screen



Who's In

You can click on the Who's In link at the top of the Home Screen to access more information about where employees are. This includes being able to select employees to be listed by the department (this can be departments within your organisation, your customer sites or whether employees are in transit, amongst other things).

Listing by Employee Home Department:

time and attendance fire report screen

By Working Department:

The list is now sorted by the departments on the right hand side showing which employees have last clocked in or out of those departments.

whos in by working department



Timecard Screen

View an employees clocking record quickly and easily using the employee timecard screen. You can see the in and out clockings as well as the hours spent in each department (bottom left) and the hours used for Annual Leave and Sickness (bottom right). You can Print, Download or Email the Timecard directly from this screen.

timecard screen in a web based time and attendance system


It is very easy to start using uAttend

Click here to buy your time and attendance terminals and start using uAttend - be up and running within 15 minutes of the clocking terminal arriving!


Employee Input Screen

Here you can set up how the employee is allowed to use the system and store various bits of information about them.

web clocking employee details


Payroll Summary

The output from the Payroll Report can be downloaded electronically as a CSV file or in other formats if required (some incur an extra charge) or it can be emailed directly from within the system to your payroll provider.

Here is an example of the CSV download that is available.

clocking system payroll summary



Detailed Clocking Report

Details of the individual clockings are available in the system including the department and In and Out location. This can be exported or sent via FTP so that it can be loaded into other systems if required.

detailed clocking report



Expenses Report

Here you can report on the expenses being recorded by the employees in the system.

expenses report



Tips Report

If you are running a restaurant or other business where tips are given and have to be recorded you can use the uAttend time and attendance system to help you record and track employee tips.

employee tips report



Job Hours Report

This report shows you the hours worked on each job within the system for the time frame in question. This could be several small jobs or a few larger jobs that have many weeks work accrued against them. This feature can be used by organisations as diverse as accountants and manufacturing companies or even zoos!

tips report



What Next?

You could just click here and purchase a time clock right now, or sign up here for web and phone clocking.

Or, check out how easy it is to implement a uAttend system here.


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