Automated Time And Attendance Systems – Transforming Your Payroll

Any organisation that is looking to stay profitable and be able to compete in a level playing field needs to cut operational costs. In order to achieve this, an organisation needs to accurately record worked hours of its employees so that it can lower its labour costs and maximise profits. This can be a daunting task in the absence of automated time and attendance systems.

Managing employee payroll manually is highly labour-intensive and a time consuming task. It becomes doubly so when it is time for payroll and you have to process the time and attendance data through tedious manual methods. Thanks to systems like automated time clocks UK, local organisations can now effectively track and manage their time and attendance. time clocks uk

Labour-Intensive Manual Payroll Management

In times gone by, a majority of businesses in the UK used to collect their time and attendance data from either paper time sheets or from the date and time punched on the time cards. It is hardly a secret how much time it used to take to manually calculate employee worked hours from the time cards or paper sheets. Add to that problems associated with human errors and miscalculations and as a result, HR personnel ended up spending many hours at each pay cycle processing information. Thankfully, automated time clock London arrived to save valuable time for these businesses.

The woes of manual workforce management aren’t limited to time and attendance tracking alone. An even bigger task loomed ahead after the HR department was done with employee hours – the payroll. The complex task of payroll was made even more laborious by the fact that it involved calculating employee wages where each employee had a different pay grade, overtime and benefit tier. If it hadn’t been for automated time and attendance systems, small and medium sized businesses would have to spend many more valuable hours on payroll processing.

Benefits of Time Clocks UK

The automated payroll solutions are essential for correct recording of employee time and attendance. However, they provide numerous additional benefits as well such as payroll processing. The automated time clock London can export employee time and attendance data to more than fifty accounting software packages making employee payroll extremely easy. In addition, UK businesses can generate a number of reports on employee attendance patterns and productivity and all with the help of these systems, which enable them to become more efficient.

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