uAttend's UK Employee Time Tracking Software

In the highly competitive business environment of today, employee management and tracking is undoubtedly a daunting task. To boost organisational growth and to improve overall progress, it is important to focus on employee management. Inefficiency by employees, coming late in office hours, taking long breaks, and not sticking to deadlines are some of the most testing issues that affect their overall productivity.

To avoid all these issues, uAttend has designed a smart time tracking software which has defined a new way of managing your employees and their productivity. Gone are the days when the HR and Payroll department have to spend hours in managing employee attendance and their payroll accordingly. With the help of uAttend’s payroll time clocks and automated employee time tracking system, managing employees, assessing their performance and calculating their payroll takes just a matter of seconds.

uAttend’s Timekeeping Software

An employee who needs to have time tracking carried out on them can use time keeping software to do that Employee Tracking & Timekeeping Software - BN4000

The specially and smartly designed time tracking software by uAttend is fully able to fulfill all your employee management needs. uAttend’s time attendance clocks are fully computerised and networked via the internet, requires no software installation and work on just plug and play. Moreover, the employee time tracking software is a simple web-based interface. While the system is user-friendly, it also provides flexibility to integrate it with any type of payroll and accounting software easily.

Why Buy Employee Time Tracking and Timekeeping Software by uAttend?

uAttend’s employee tracking and management system isn’t just a time tracking software to keepa check on the clock-in and clock-out of employees. As a matter of fact, it is an innovative workforce management software solution which improves your entire scope of organisational management. In the fast-paced business world, workforce management has become one of the strategic business drivers which will generate progress and productivity for your organisation. If you have decided to buy employee time tracking and time keeping software, you are actually taking a step towards making a huge difference in your business’ growth.

Features of uAttend’s Employee Management & Tracking Software

Our smart and efficient software has all the tools that can give you ease, comfort and success in managing all your organisational work flow. Our team of experienced professionals is always there to guide you with the technology. With uAttend, you will experience an easy access to workforce management through a wide range of our time collection devices, browsers and user-friendly interfaces. Here follows some of the features of the employee management and tracking system:

  • Track and Manage employee attendance
  • Efficiently manage leave requests, PTO and overtime
  • Manage Time Sheets online
  • Manage Task scheduling for workforce
  • Track employee data and analytics
  • Assess employees’ performance
  • Manage Payroll
  • Manage employee time and attendance in the cloud
  • Use GPS location to check on employee whereabouts
  • Track remote workers easily
  • Easily manage multi-site implementations remotely